Wine barrel

Each selected winemaker makes a special vintage aged in barrel or in amphora which is available for pre-sale. The wine is then bottled in the size and label of your choice. The bottles are either shipped to you or stored in the winemaker's cellar. And the stored bottles can be resold on our plateform and on Farandole.

Stored at the winemaker's

Your cuvée is stored for a period of maturation in the vineyard to complete the development of its aromas. Once this period is over, the piece is divided to be bottled according to the format you choose. The bottles remain in storage until they are ordered for tasting.

A digital certificate to facilitate the resell of your bottles

We then provide you with a digital certificate of authentication for each bottle you own. You can simply sell your bottles by listing it on our platform in the Marketplace category or on the Farandole plateform.


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